Tips & Tricks: Kinesiology tape to fix a droopy lip

Here’s a handy tip from Diana N:
I was interested to read the Press’n Seal idea for stopping dry-eye. I don’t have that problem, but most of my face (except my eyes) is completely non-functional, especially my lower lip. This means that it usually droops and at night my gums dry out and get inflamed.
I’ve discovered that I can cut a narrow (about 1cm wide) strip of kinesiology tape and use it to stop this. I start with the center of the strip below the center of my lip, then stick it down under slight tension across each way until it ends mid-cheek on each side. The tape is easy to put on, because it’s flexible in both dimensions, and leaves no residue when you take it off.
Mostly I use it at night, but if it’s just family, and people who are prepared for it, I’ll keep it on in the day time as well. After a while I forget it’s there, but it makes life easier, and I talk slightly more clearly.
I bought a tape which was easy to find — USL Sport Economy K Tape — which is bright blue, as well as some d3 K6 0 kinesiology tape in more of a skin tone. The USL tape turns out to be better in the daytime, because it’s lighter, so it’s easier to eat while wearing. The d3K6 is better at night because it’s firmer. I’m sure that other brands will give other results – it’s probably a matter of personal preference.


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    • Unfortunately, we don’t have video, but try googling. We found a lot of images that people posted. They aren’t of FSHD patients, but will provide some ideas that you could try out.

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