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DUX may be a master switch of the genome

The DUX4 gene in FSH muscular dystrophy is typically described as a rogue actor, a genetic oddball that is never supposed to be active in adult muscle, and is rendered harmless by an elaborate lockdown system. It is only when several parts of the “lock” mechanism break that DUX4 emerges to cause damage to muscles. … Read more of “DUX may be a master switch of the genome” »

Walking & Rolling Toward a Cure!

  We are excited to announce the launch of our first nationally branded event, the Walk & Roll to Cure FSHD. This signature fundraising event will take place in September and early October 2018 in several locations around the country, with additional sites being added in 2019.   FSH Society Walk & Roll fundraising events … Read more of “Walking & Rolling Toward a Cure!” »

Rochester FSHD Family Day videos

Watch the videos here. The University of Rochester Fields Center for FSHD Research has posted a summary and videos from the 6th annual FSHD Family Day Conference held on April 7, 2018. Jointly sponsored by the University of Rochester, Leiden University Medical Center, and the FSH Society, the meeting presented the latest developments in FSHD … Read more of “Rochester FSHD Family Day videos” »

Committed To Accountability & Transparency

FSH Society is committed to excellence and accountability to our donors.

Milestones in Advocacy

FSH Society has been instrumental in rewriting (2001) and helping reauthorize (2008 and 2014) the Muscular Dystrophy Community Assistance Research and Education Act.

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