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Everything you ever wanted to know about FSHD

(but were afraid to ask) There’s no doubt that facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy is a complicated condition. The challenge of pronouncing it correctly is a piece of cake compared to the difficulty of understanding its genetics, peculiar effects on muscles, and the extreme diversity of its symptoms and severity. Our webinar on May 22 will introduce … Read more of “Everything you ever wanted to know about FSHD” »

How to launch your own chapter or Walk & Roll

Have you thought about what you can do in your own backyard to serve FSHD patients and families in your community and advocate for greater awareness and resources to develop treatments? Look no further. Our community development team of Beth Johnston and Anna Gilmore walk you through the ABC’s of starting a chapter and Walk … Read more of “How to launch your own chapter or Walk & Roll” »

Medicare coverage for ongoing maintenance physical therapy

Article adapted with permission from Melissa Fox, PT, DPT, University of Virginia Health System. There are times when a short course of physical therapy (PT) can meet your current needs, and you can then continue exercises on your own. Other times, however, ongoing PT may be necessary to maintain your current status (strength, flexibility, mobility, … Read more of “Medicare coverage for ongoing maintenance physical therapy” »

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Committed To Accountability & Transparency

FSH Society is committed to excellence and accountability to our donors.

Milestones in Advocacy

FSH Society has been instrumental in rewriting (2001) and helping reauthorize (2008 and 2014) the Muscular Dystrophy Community Assistance Research and Education Act.

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