Bay Area FSHD Family Day Conference

Dr. John Day at Bay Area FSHD Family Day
Dr. John Day, Stanford Medical School

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Stephen Tapscott, MD PhD

Join us on Sunday, April 28, for our Bay Area FSHD Family Day conference. It will be held from 1:00-6:00 pm at the beautiful Li Ka Shing Center on the campus of the Stanford University of School of Medicine. Co-organized with Dr. John Day, director of Stanford’s FSHD research center, this year’s

Jeffrey Statland, MD

conference features two major figures from the world of FSHD research, Stephen Tapscott, MD PhD, from the University of Washington, and Jeffrey Statland, MD, from the University of Kansas. Antoine de Morree, PhD, a postdoctoral research from the Stanford laboratory of Tom Rando, will present on his research. The program will include talks by members of the FSHD research center’s clinical team as well as by Kent Drescher, PhD, co-director of the Bay Area chapter, who is a retired clinical psychologist who will lead a discussion about living well with FSHD.

This is a special opportunity for families throughout the region to meet world-class researchers, learn from the best about maintaining physical and emotional health, and commune with others for support and to strengthen our community and advocacy.

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