A treatment is out there

“Our mom will always be a superhero in our eyes.”

Ever since we can remember, our mom has told us that she has “special muscles.” When we were younger, we thought this meant that she was a superhero, and her special muscles were her superpower. As we’ve gotten older, we now know that her special muscles are actually called FSH muscular dystrophy.

The FSH Society has given our family hope. We are so close to having a treatment for our mom and for thousands of families like ours. This year, along with the help of our best doggie angel, Bailey, we decided to help raise money for the FSH Society.

Please join us in finding a cure for our mom! Thank you.

Aydan and Nolan (and Bailey, too)

Donate by December 31 to help us get treatments to families like ours. Your gift will count toward our $400,000 year-end challenge!


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