Last 2017 Watch is out!

Drs. Darko Bosnakovski and Michael Kyba
Drs. Darko Bosnakovski and Michael Kyba

Our last Watch issue of 2017 is available now!

Highlights include:Newsletter Cover

  • Team FSHD Cycling participating in the 36th Race Across America
  • An introduction to new FSH Society CEO, Mark Stone
  • San Francisco FSHD Family Day
  • Human growth hormone and testosterone as a potential treatment for FSHD
  • A new genetic mouse model for testing FSHD treatments
  • Daughter and mother, Lexi and Diane Pappas share their experiences with FSHD and family
  • An introductory explanation to FSHD antisense therapy
  • An update on the FSH Society’s 2017 research funding


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