Spring $50K matching gift challenge!

Your donations are vital for helping the FSH Society overcome its challenges and meet its goals. We must invest in deciphering FSH muscular dystrophy so that we can aim treatments at the correct targets, even as we build the infrastructure to ensure that clinical trials will have meaningful results. A group of generous benefactors has pledged to match your donations up to a total of $50,000 during our spring campaign. Help us rise to this fundraising challenge and make a gift now.

If your company matches donations, you could quadruple your impact! 

Sincere thanks to the following generous benefactors who pledged to match your Spring campaign gifts:

  • Mary and Jim Albert
  • Kay Kitagawa and Andy Johnson-Laird
  • Bill Maclean
  • William Michael
  • Jai Narayan
  • Mike and Bev Rowlett
  • Allan Silverstein
  • Larry and Madeleine Weinstein

To join the Matching Donor Circle and help inspire our grassroots through matching gift pledges, please contact june.kinoshita@fshsociety.org.


One response to “Spring $50K matching gift challenge!”

  1. We will be in Seattle une 20 flying in from Japan. We are excited to attend the research scientist event there. And, we will add to the donations. There will be 4 of us

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