SHIFTBannerSHIFT Communications

Since the summer of 2013, SHIFT has provided pro bono assistance to the Society in spreading awareness about FSHD and our educational and research efforts to find a treatment. The award-winning Boston-based firm, with offices in New York City and San Francisco, has offered the Society access to a wide variety of experienced media professionals who bring extensive knowledge of healthcare along with a mastery of public relations, digital media, and creative needs. With over 100 full-time staff members across the country who have worked on everything from consumer products to pharmaceutical companies, SHIFT will be an important partner as we shape a call to action to draw attention to FSHD and garner more support.

FSHD Champions

The FSH Society has helped to organize an international alliance of FSHD advocacy and funding organizations. Together, we share information about grant funding, shared tools and resources, and have created World FSHD Day to raise awareness globally.