Estate Plan Gifts

FSHSociety Legacy Circle Pin DesignIf you have ever wished that you could do more to help in the fight against FSHD, we invite you to consider including the FSH Society in your Will or Estate Plan. There are many forms that such a planned gift can take, from gifts of appreciated securities to trusts that can pay income to you or a loved one. We would like to draw special attention to the following options:

  • Bequest From Your Will or Living Trust costs nothing now, yet is a flexible and easy way to make a gift larger than you may ever have imagined possible. You can designate a specific dollar amount, asset, or percentage of your estate. Often, a codicil to your existing documents is all that is needed.
  • Did you know that qualified retirement accounts, when passed to someone other than a spouse, are among the highest taxed assets in your estate? For this reason alone, many donors choose to make a Beneficiary Designation. In addition to retirement plan assets, you can designate the FSH Society to receive a percentage of a life insurance policy, savings account, or certificate of deposit—simply by updating a form.

Learn more and sign up by downloading these forms:

To honor their lifetime commitments and to encourage others to step forward in making their own plans, we welcome donors who provide for the Society through their estate as members of the FSH Society Legacy Circle. If you have already included the Society in your plans, please let us know by using the Contact Us Form. Doing so will allow us to thank and recognize you for your gift intention, and your example may inspire others.

To recognize your commitment and leadership we will send you a beautiful FSH Society Legacy Circle lapel pin.

Before making any changes to your plans, we urge you to consult your financial and legal advisors. If you have questions, please contact June Kinoshita at (781) 301-6060 or

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