What is the FSH Society?

The world’s largest grassroots network of individuals with FSH muscular dystrophy, their families, and research activists, the FSH Society was founded in 1991 by two patients, Daniel Perez and Steve Jacobsen. The Society helps people through education and outreach; funds scientific and medical research; and advocates for increased government and industry investment in FSHD.

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We have transformed the landscape

Patients once had no place to turn for help. There was virtually no research on FSHD. The FSH Society raised funds that launched many areas of FSHD research. We helped to write the MD-CARE Act (2001), which led to the creation of the NIH-funded Wellstone Centers for FSHD research. The Society has invested over $10 million in research, contributing to the discovery of the genetic cause of FSHD and igniting interest by more than a dozen biotech companies in developing treatments.

We are taking action to:
  • Solve the biological disease process.
  • Build critical infrastructure to accelerate research.
  • Improve patient care nationwide.
  • Speeding up development of treatments.

To respond to these challenges, we have launched our FSHD Therapeutics initiative to accelerate the development of treatments and a cure to our families by the year 2025.

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