The disappearing bomb

How DUX4 could cause FSHD without actually being there BY AMANDA HILL, HIGHLANDS RANCH, COLORADO In the FSHD research field, there is an emerging idea that the damage caused by DUX4 may linger on long after DUX4 is no longer present. But how can this be? To illustrate, imagine DUX4 as one of those trendy … Read more of “The disappearing bomb” »

A new way to detect DUX4

by Gholamhossein Amini Chermahini, MD, Columbus, Ohio Editor’s Note: Dr. Amini Chermahini and his colleagues were awarded the Best Poster Prize at this year’s FSHD International Research Congress. Here he explains the significance of this work. The FSHD field has made tremendous progress during the last decade or so, beginning with the identification of the … Read more of “A new way to detect DUX4” »

Tips and tricks – The Stand Aid

Here’s a solution to a delicate problem: the Stand Aid PTA, or power-toilet assist. Several of our members have raved to us about this “life-changing invention” that restores independence and dignity to those whose weakening muscles make it challenging to rise from a toilet seat after answering nature’s call.  According to the company’s website, “The … Read more of “Tips and tricks – The Stand Aid” »

Hot off the press: FSHD Advocate

The newest issue of FSHD Advocate has left the printers and will be landing soon in your mailbox. To get an advance look, or if you’re a digital-only reader, here is the issue online. Highlights: Industry Collaborative on FSHD Drug Development. Preparing the way for clinical trial success. Highlights of our milestone meeting with regulators, … Read more of “Hot off the press: FSHD Advocate” »