Our Guide for Schools

The FSH Society’s Guide for Schools is available online for download and print here. You can also request a hard copy by emailing your request to info@fshsociety.org. Created by a team of national experts, this booklet provides information about FSHD and the impact the disease can have on students’ experiences during the school day. The … Read more of “Our Guide for Schools” »

$54,000 raised this GivingTuesday!

UPDATED! As of December 4, we have now received donations from GivingTuesday that add up to $54,547! THANK YOU to everyone who gave on#GivingTuesday! We are amazed and humbled by your generous support. We received just over $44,000 in donations on November 27th – all of which will be matched 100%! Woo Hoo! Happy Holidays!

Follistatin gene therapy strengthens muscle in FSHD mouse model

An experimental gene therapy has been shown to enlarge and strengthen muscles in a mouse model of facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy (FSHD). The study was published on November 15 in the Journal of Clinical Investigation Insight by Scott Harper, PhD, and his team at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. The study made use of mice developed by the … Read more of “Follistatin gene therapy strengthens muscle in FSHD mouse model” »

Webinar with Stephen Tapscott MD PhD (video)

From our webinar on November 7, 2018. Dr. Tapscott, one of the world’s leading scientists working on the fundamental understanding of FSH muscular dystrophy, updates us on our understanding of the condition. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) data suggest that muscle degeneration begins with local inflammation followed by degenerative changes (“fatty infiltration”) in a muscle. Tapscott … Read more of “Webinar with Stephen Tapscott MD PhD (video)” »