Website-PulmonologistsPulmonology is a medical specialty that covers diseases of the lungs and the respiratory tract. A pulmonologist, or pulmonary disease specialist, is a physician who possesses specialized knowledge and skill in the diagnosis and treatment of pulmonary (lung) conditions and diseases. Pulmonology is classified as an internal medicine subspecialty. Pulmonologists help patients with breathing and respiratory issues and, in more severe or intensive care situations, with both invasive and non-invasive mechanical ventilation.

Keeping tabs on your respiratory status and function is important when you have been diagnosed with FSHD. The physiatrist, neurologist, or internal/general medicine doctor will usually refer patients to a pulmonologist for a pulmonary function workup when respiratory insufficiency or failure is suspected. It is very important for FSHD patients to insist on periodic and baseline testing for respiratory insufficiency even though they may be pre-symptomatic.

See also the sections on Breathing and Respiratory Therapists.

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