East Tennessee Chapter

Thank you for visiting the East Tennessee Chapter of the FSHD Society which officially launched in May 2019. We are here to build a local community of patients, family and friends, and help them connect and advocate for themselves and each other. Our hope for the future is to find a cure – Until then, we hope to bring a greater awareness to the community, and to help improve the quality of life of all those affected.

Join Us for Our Next Member Meeting on Saturday, September 21st!

We are conducting this meeting within the home of Peggy Glenn, one of our chapter members, who was gracious enough to lend us the space! It is a rancher style house with a walkout basement and a wheelchair accessible environment.

Following the meeting will be a house party with a live band and great food! All members are welcome to stay for that event.


To contact us directly, please email: EastTNChapter@fshsociety.org

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