Has the Design for All moment arrived?

The movement for universal design–clothing, furniture, medical devices, housewares, and architecture that are accessible, beautiful, and nonstigmatizing–is gaining steam, enough to warrant an exhibition at the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum, as reported by the New York Times. These companies and their products deserve support and recognition by our community. We would love to compile … Read more of “Has the Design for All moment arrived?” »

2018 FSHD Connect Conference registration is now open!

Our community’s premier networking event for immersive learning and community building Our biennial FSHD Connect Conference is an amazing opportunity to meet hundreds of patients and families, as our leading thinkers share the latest in medical management of FSHD and exciting advances toward treatments. Breakout sessions will cover how to cope with practical and emotional … Read more of “2018 FSHD Connect Conference registration is now open!” »

A comedian’s worst nightmare

Watch what happens with this famous Dutch comedian performs before an audience of people with facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy.  Did you notice confidence and determination of these patients and families, boldly demanding recognition and action on FSHD? We know the direction we need to go. That’s why you can donate with confidence to the FSH Society’s … Read more of “A comedian’s worst nightmare” »

Tips for air travel with a power wheelchair

Howard Chabner, a lawyer, disabilities advocate, and long-time FSH Society Board member, loves to travel internationally and has much experience with addressing the innumerable obstacles that impeded disabled travelers. He has compiled an extensive guide to air travel with a power wheelchair, which we are pleased to share with our readers. Download here: Tips for air … Read more of “Tips for air travel with a power wheelchair” »