Stuart Lai

Stuart Lai. Based in New York City, Stuart is the Technology Architect for REDI Technologies, a software system provided to professional traders. He managed a 60-person team that originally developed REDI EMS software at Goldman Sachs. The technology was spun out in 2013 into REDI Technologies, where Stuart’s job is to reimagine the REDI system to operate in a faster, better, cheaper modality while retaining the reliability and security standards required for financial trading applications.

“Getting to disease treatment is some time away just like getting to a fully operational software system. The time to market is never satisfactory to the stakeholders,” Stuart notes. “At Goldman Sachs we have dealt with this by going after the ‘low hanging fruit’…I believe there is low hanging fruit to be had for the FSH patient that the FSH Society can bring to market.”

Stuart graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering.