Rune R. Frants

Rune R. Frants, PhD, is Professor of Medical Genetics at Leiden University Medical Center in the Netherlands. Dr. Frants received his PhD from Abo Akademi. Read full bio Sparked from a conversation with a colleague, Dr. Frants’ fascination with FSHD began early in his professional academic career at the Institute of Human Genetics, Free University Amsterdam, and the Institute of Human Genetics at Leiden University (now Leiden University Medical Center).

During his active research life, Dr. Frants has worked on a plethora of other genetically determined disorders, including lung emphysema, gastric cancer, skin cancer (melanoma), cardiovascular disease, and neurogenetics, in particular, migraine and other forms of headache.

Dr. Frants has mentored some 30 PhDs and authored more than 300 peer-reviewed articles and numerous large national and international grants. He enjoys working on various scientific advisory boards and committees.