Amy Z. Bekier

Amy Z. Bekier obtained a Master’s degree in Education from Queens College, New York, and was successful in a career as an insurance agent and Chartered Life Underwriter. She utilized her teaching skills to train other agents. During this time she served on several boards and gained the knowledge and love of giving back to the community. Amy is an FSH Society “Future Fund” designee, and as a Board member she would like to help expand its role in the public awareness of FSHD, which in turn will assist in patient identification and fundraising. Her personal motto, “I can no longer sit and cope but must get active and hope,” is her mantra and hopefully serves to inspire others.

Amy is an artist and avid golfer. When FSHD started to interfere with her passions, she found alternative ways to continue doing the things she loves. Amy taught herself to paint left-handed when she could no longer raise her right arm. She is an award-winning artist who enjoys painting with soft pastels and oils. Amy still plays modified recreational golf and is a member of the Bernardo Heights Country Club. She lives on the fairway of her home course.