Webinar: About CBD and medical marijuana

Jennifer Bernstein

Our next webinar, scheduled for Wednesday, September 11, from noon to 1 PM EST, addresses a topic that is much discussed in our Facebook communities: cannabidiol (CBD) and medical marijuana. With the spread of legalized medical marijuana and the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill that made CBD legal in all 50 states, it’s a bit of the Wild West out there for individuals seeking relief from chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, and a host of other symptoms that have been reported to be alleviated by CBD. What does the research say? How can consumers know what’s safe and effective? Our presenter, Jen Bernstein, is deeply knowledgeable about these issues and is an advocate for setting industry standards. She is CEO of What Heals Alland cofounder and president of the Women’s Cannabis Club, as well as former managing editor of High Times magazine. Join us to learn and have your questions answered.


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