Our next radio guest is Alan Brown of NFL Films

“Toad Hall,” by Alan Brown.
Alan Brown of NFL Films.

We’re excited to welcome Alan Brown of Holicong, Pennsylvania, as our guest on FSH Society Radio on July 31 at 9PM EST. Alan is the director of business development at NFL Films, the company that produces commercials, television programs, feature films, and documentaries for and about the National Football League (NFL).

Alan has FSHD in his family. “My great-grandmother, grandmother, mother and brother all had/have it,” he says. “I was the first one diagnosed in the family when I was 25 years old.” Alan has spent the past 31 years in TV production. He is married and has a 17 year old daughter. “I was as a musician but due to the FSHD, I can’t play anymore so I started painting.” Indeed, Alan turned out to have serious artistic chops, as you can see from the example above. When he’s not creating a new masterpiece, he enjoys food and travel.

Join us via Facebook Live on July 31 for what promises to be a great, wide-ranging conversation on topics ranging from sports and music to fine art and favorite travel destinations. Hosted by Tim Hollenback.


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