TikTok to participate in World FSHD Day

TikTok, the video-sharing app formerly known as musical.ly, is the world’s fastest growing social networking platform. This year, TikTok is participating in World FSHD Day on June 20th. The relationship was cultivated by our friends at FSHD China. TikTok will be reaching out to Chinese pop stars and other celebrities, who will share a 15-second video to challenge viewers to share an Orange Slice Selfie (“OrangeSmile”) to raise awareness about FSH muscular dystrophy. 

If you have a TikTok account, be sure to post a video challenge this June 19th-20th. Here’s a sample script:

“I accept the #OrangeSliceSelfie challenge from @xxx , and invite @xxx to take it forward. FSHD affects your smile and also causes weakness in legs, shoulders, arms, and core. One million are affected. Share your smile to raise awareness of FSHD!”

We have many other ways you can participate. Visit our World FSHD Day page for ideas!


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