FSH Society Radio with Ben Livingston, neon artist

Join us via Facebook Live on Wednesday, March 27th, at 8:00 pm Central / 9:00 pm Eastern time for our live interview with Austin-based artist Ben Livingston. Ben drew our attention earlier this year when he shared his video, “My miracle at Barton Springs,” on Facebook. 

According to his website:

Livingston is internationally known as a neon/light sculptor. He is the inventor of an opalescent color palette for neon, using a variety of UV sensitive phosphorescent compounds and minerals. Ben originally observed these glowing compounds in New Zealand in 1985 which ultimately led to his signature work- luminous tubes he calls ‘Nightsticks’ or ‘Spirit Antennae’.

“Livingston works in a wide range of mediums such as found objects, historical archives and artifacts, photography, wood, copper, steel, glass, drawing, painting, and video. He is also a story-teller, lecturer, blogger, singer/songwriter and performer as well as an actor in film and television. Many articles have been published regarding his artwork, neon landmarks, life, thoughts and world travel.

His current work calledSpirit Houses, Ghosts and Memory is a site specific traveling exhibit designed to convert the static nature of any museum or art center into a spirit house made of reinterpreted materials from that community’s dynamic past combined with Spirit Antennae which responds directly to those materials.

Join us for what is sure to be a fascinating conversation! Here is Ben’s video, in which he relates his path to gaining strength during the time it takes him to complete his daily half-mile swim.


3 responses to “FSH Society Radio with Ben Livingston, neon artist”

  1. Hey Ben! So great getting to know you better. Makes me wish I had shared more of that trip to Sturgis and back getting to know you and maybe hearing some of these stories. Our fellow travelers on that trip seemed to take too much delight in whatever shocking or disgusting tactic got the biggest reaction from me. Actual conversation would have been welcomed. Yes, I still love them both.
    I am curious about the painful, yet effective treatment you mentioned. I didn’t catch the practitioner’s name. Sounded like Rolfing. Maybe Richie Mintz?
    Very glad to know of the miraculous gift at Barton Springs. It’s been too long since I’ve enjoyed time there. Maybe I will see you there some day. Till then…just keep swimming, just keep swimming…

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