Chicagoland chapter members invite you to their Walk & Roll to Cure FSHD!

Walk & Roll to Cure FSHD

“For all my friends and family out there who haven’t heard, I have recently been diagnosed with FSHD which is a form of muscular dystrophy. It is a progressive disease that basically attacks my muscles, and there is nothing I can do right now to stop or slow it down.

Jim Witt
Jim Witt
I have joined the FSH Society-Chicagoland chapter, which is a great group of people who are all in the same boat as me. It is a relatively new group, and we are trying to get an event going. It is the first time for this event, and it’s purpose is to help people understand what FSHD is and get donations that would help with a cure. From what I hear, all the really smart people, like doctors and scientists, are really close to a cure.
I hope you can pass this on and join me in spreading the word. I would also love to see you at this event to show all the FSHers like me and the FSH Society that there are friends and family out there who are in this to learn about the disease and make that cure a reality. Thank you.”  ~ Jim Witt


“Last Saturday was truly a life changing experience for me. I recently joined the newly formed FSH Society chapter of Chicagolandand had an opportunity to meet with others who either have FSHD or are related to or have friends with FSHD. It was something that was necessary for my heart and gives me motivation.

FSHD is a disease that progressively weakens and causes muscles to atrophy. I was officially diagnosed in 2010.                                  

We got together as a team and started to plan the first ever Chicagoland Walk and Roll event to cure FSHD to take place on 9/14/19 at Citizen’s Park in Barrington. We took over roles and I will be the 1) VOLUNTEER LIAISON …tasked with Recruiting and training day of event Volunteers and the 2) GAMES and ACTIVITIES COORDINATOR.
Chad Vincent
Chad Vincent & Family

I also want to mention that I will be sharing this a lot, so please bear with me as its extremely important to me and I will lean on friends and family for support. Also, the greatest part of all is learning that a real life therapy has the potential to get to those in need within 4-5 years. The mission of this walk to raise money where proceeds go to the cure for this disease.

If you are interested in joining us on this walk, put 9/14 in your calendar and Team Vincent will be up and running soon! It’s going to be amazing.” ~ Chad Vincent


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