The newly redesigned Advocate is here!

We’re proud to announce that the first issue of the FSHD Advocate is available and heaCover of the Advocate 2018 Issue 3ded your way! Excited? So are we! Check out some of the highlights of this issue below, or read the full copy here!

  • Inaugural Walk & Roll Campaign: A tremendous success…page 12
  • FSH Society latest grant awards…page 4
  • Gene editing takes big step forward…page 15
  • You are not alone…page 21
  • DUX4 vs. PAX7…page 8
  • Frequently asked questions about long-term care insurance…page 19
  • Be an FSHD hero–volunteer for research…page 23
  • The use of antioxidants in FSHD…page 6
  • High-intensity exercise training in FSHD…page 14


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