Find your voice through FSH Society radio

FSH Society Talk Radio host Tim Hollenback

With 14 episodes of our monthly FSH Society Radio show now under our belt, we hope many of you are not just listening, but also considering how this medium can give our community a greater voice.

At the FSHD Connect conference, host Tim Hollenback issued a call to action to the FSHD community.  The radio show, which airs live on the last Wednesday of every month at 9:00 pm EST, is “really about all of us who are living with FSHD,” he noted. “It’s about all of us having a voice.” he says. He urged listeners will call in with questions and stories of their own.

We are also launching our own “story corps” project to gather stories of individuals impacted by FSH muscular dystrophy. Whether you have FSHD yourself, or are a family member or friend, we want to hear from you!

How can you get involved? Just contact Tim at fshradiohost @, or call or text 414-659-3392. You can message Tim, get your story recorded, and we will air it on an upcoming episode of FSH Society Radio.


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