Focus on Fulcrum’s FSHD tissue modeling project

Cambridge, Massachusetts, biotech company Fulcrum Therapeutic’s research program on FSH muscular dystrophy was featured in Clinical Leader yesterday. The company “is using tissue donated from patients with facioscapulohumeral (FSH) muscular dystrophy, an incurable form of the disease, to find a treatment,” the article reported. “The tissue is used to create research models that look and respond much like natural human tissues.”

The article goes on to explain, “Since Fulcrum opened for business in 2016, it has built a relationship with the FSH Society, a patient advocacy group championing FSH drug development and clinical trials, as well as funding for research. The group has been critical in helping Fulcrum understand the patient community and develop clinical outcome targets that are meaningful to both patients and families.”

“In addition to helping Fulcrum connect with the patient community, the FSH Society has also worked to draft a tissue protocol for patient donations through the NDRI (National Disease Research Interchange). The FSH Society partnered with the NDRI to create a nationwide registry of individuals with FSH which has been integral in allowing the NDRI collaboration to occur.”

The article explains why primary muscle tissue donated by patients is critical for Fulcrum’s ability to develop a model system for drug testing. Read the full article: Tissue Modeling May Cut Clinical Trial Time


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