One response to “It’s officially FSHD Awareness Day in Maryland!”

  1. From a fellow Maryland Resident… thanks, Missy!
    I did a resize to try to read it and here is how I believe the proclamation reads:

    Whereas, Muscular dystrophy is not a single disease or disorder but an umbrella term covering more than 52 different types of muscular and neuromuscular diseases ranging in severity; and

    Whereas, FSHD is one of the most prevalent forms of muscular dystrophy nationwide. FSHD causes the progressive disintegration of skeletal muscles, resulting in low muscle tone and impaired development in children and difficulty with daily movement and activities in adults; and

    Whereas, People of all genders, races and ages are equally affected by FSHD. There is currently no treatment to slow down or cure FSHD; and

    Whereas, Genetic testing and prenatal diagnostic testing are available for FSHD, and researchers continue to develop new drugs and therapies for patients with FSHD; and

    Whereas, Maryland is pleased to join in promoting public awareness of FSHD and increase knowledge of symptoms, available treatment options and up to date research information; and

    Whereas, FSHD Awareness Day presents a special opportunity to educate the public about issues in the muscular dystrophy community.

    Now, Therefore, I, Lawrence J. Hogan, Jr., Governor of the sate of Maryland, do hereby proclaim June 20, 2017 as FSHD Awareness Day in Maryland and call up on our citizens to join in this observance.

    Signed by Governor, Lt. Governor and Secretary of State.

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